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Tested Zinc Gluconate
Tested Zinc Gluconate

Tested Zinc Gluconate

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Zinc is a essential mineral which is involved in a multitude of processes in the body. Zinc is very important for a healthy enzyme function and plays a key part in protein synthesis. Zinc is also of vital importance for healthy natural testosterone levels in the human body. Multiple scientific studies have shown that Zinc supplements can increase natural testosterone levels by 40%.

Zinc does not appear a lot in our food these days and many people need to increase their zinc intake to get healthy zinc levels. Tested Zinc gives you all the zinc that you need in only one tablet per day. Give your body what it needs and choose Tested Zinc today.

Benefits of Tested Zinc:
Plays a key part in protein synthesis.
Plays an important role in healthy enzyme function.
Strengthens the immune system.
Increases natural testosterone levels.
Cleanses the blood.
Positive influence on acne and pimples.

Bodybuilders and other athletes have a greater need for minerals than people who don’t train. Two reasons for that:

  • 1) Minerals are crucial for supporting recovery and improving health for those who tax their systems with intense training.
  • 2) Minerals are readily lost through sweat, so bodybuilders need to emphasize replacing them to avoid deficits.

Zinc is crucial for helping to heal wounds and boost immunity, and it also supports a healthy blood supply. In other words, it’s a mineral bodybuilders should emphasize through diet and supplementation. Zinc also supports sleep quality and recovery after hard workouts, and it improves your body’s ability to use calories you’ve consumed for fuel rather than shuttling them to storage as fat.

Bodybuilders should get in at least 30 milligrams of zinc daily. You can take zinc as a stand-alone or as a part of ZMA or your multivitamin. When you supplement ZMA, remember to take it on an empty stomach, preferably before you hit the sack.