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Olimp Nutrition Glucosamine Plus - 60 caps

Olimp Nutrition Glucosamine Plus - 60 caps

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  • Glucosamine flex is a food supplement which contains glucosamine, which supports efficient joint functioning, and vitamin C, which contributes to the proper process of collagen, which is essential for proper functioning of cartilage (including joint cartilage) and bones.
  • Recommended use: 3 capsules during a meal.

Health Benefits of Glucosamine
1) Glucosamine Relieves Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
Glucosamine improves symptoms and decreases structural progression in osteoarthritis (OA) when compared to the NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs) and placebo

Several clinical trials have demonstrated the symptom-modifying and joint space narrowing effects in OA patients

In one study osteoarthritis patients given a combination of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate for 6 months had a decrease in pain, stiffness, functional limitation and joint swelling 

It is one of the most common nutritional supplement used by athletes

It is also used by athletes with osteoarthritis

Glucosamine administration in athletes with acute knee injury demonstrated a significant improvement in knee flexion and extension after 28 days when compared to the placebo

2) Glucosamine Exerts an Anti-Inflammatory Action
Glucosamine inhibits the production of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines 

It suppresses inflammatory cell activation in animals

Glucosamine might be used for treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Children with chronic inflammatory bowel disease, given N-acetyl glucosamine orally, showed a clear improvement in their symptoms

3) Glucosamine Reduces the Risk of Lung Cancer
One study has revealed that there was the greatest reduction (51%) of lung cancer associated with high use of Glucosamine

This may be explained by its anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the expression of inflammatory genes and inhibits cell proliferation through inhibition of the transcription factor NFkB 

In another study, it was found to arrest lung cancer cells in the G1/S phase (by the inhibition of cyclin E and Skp2 protein expression)

4) Glucosamine Suppresses the Formation of Fat Accumulation
Glucosamine administration inhibits the formation of atherosclerotic lesion (fat accumulation) and infiltration of inflammatory cells into the lesion 

It modulates endothelial cell activation, and may exhibit an anti-inflammatory action on atherosclerosis
5) Glucosamine is an Antioxidant
Glucosamine hydrochloride shows considerable superoxide/hydroxyl radical scavenging ability, which can help protect cells from oxidation 

6) Glucosamine is Good for the Skin
Glucosamine compounds have been reported to have several beneficial effects on the skin and the skin cells. It has been shown to accelerate wound healing, improve skin hydration and decrease wrinkles

In addition, it also inhibits tyrosinase activation which in turn inhibits melanin production and is therefore useful in the treatment of disorders of hyperpigmentation

An anti-aging neck and decolletage cream containing N-acetyl glucosamine delivered significant firming and smoothing effects with reduced hyperpigmentation in women seeking rejuvenation