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SYNTRAX	NECTAR Sustained Release Protein Blend 2lbs

SYNTRAX NECTAR Sustained Release Protein Blend 2lbs

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It is vital the body receives enough protein during the day to not only maintain its current muscle level, but rebuild any damage caused during workout sessions. When working out, the muscle fiber actually tears and breaks down. It then requires protein to rebuild the tissue, making the tissue stronger and increasing the size of the muscles. However, it is often difficult for a body to receive enough protein during the day. This is why having protein rich snacks on hand in between meals is so vital.

Over the years, customer surveys about Syntrax Nectar have revealed two important points. The first is that Nectar is considered to be the cleanest, most soluble and best tasting protein powder on the market. The second is that many customers want Nectar in a package that is more convenient.

- Mixes Instantly,
- Zero Carbs; Zero Fat,
- Promina Whey Isolate,
- Delicious Gourmet Sweet Flavor,
- Lactose % Gluten Free.

When consuming the protein for a snack, it is a good idea to drink a full eight or 16 ounce glass of water. This ensures the product digests correctly and passes through the stomach. There is no limit to the number of packets you consume during the day, as it is used to offset the level of protein you are not receiving from meals.